FL and FS

We colour test every batch before we decant into bags.

our advanced manufacturing process ensures uniform colour distribution of the grout powder which eliminates 'streaking' during mixing.

  • Available in 35 colours
  • FS Smooth - For tile joint widths up to 4mm wide
  • FL Course - For tile joints 3-15mm wide
  • Water repellent and dirt resistant
  • Ideal for swimming pools, showers and kitchens
  • Suitable for wall tiling, and narrow joints in floors
  • For internal and external application
  • ARDEX ST is available in Transparent & 13 colours designed to match the most popular ARDEX-FLEX Tile Grout colours

Unit Size Available: 2.5kg, 10kg

antique ivory
antique ivory
autumn red swatch
autumn red
barley sugar swatch
barley sugar
blossom white swatch
blossom white
brilliant white
brilliant white
burnt orange swatch
burnt orange
cast iron
cast iron
classic vanilla
classic vanilla
coffee bean
coffee bean
dove grey swatch
dove grey
floating driftwood swatch
floating driftwood
fresh magnolia swatch
fresh magnolia
fresh snowdrop swatch
fresh snowdrop
slate grey swatch
slate grey
silver shimmer
silver shimmer
pecan syrup
pecan syrup
pebble drift swatch
pebble drift
oyster pink swatch
oyster pink
organic earth
organic earth
ocean grey swatch
ocean grey
natural almond swatch
natural almond
innocent black
innocent black
ground cocoa
ground cocoa
grey dusk swatch
grey dusk
gentle dawn swatch
gentle dawn
gentle blush swatch
gentle blush
spring green swatch
spring green
stone beach swatch
stone beach
spring jasmin swatch
spring jasmin
stormy mist swatch
stormy mist
summer yellow swatch
summer yellow
weathered ash swatch
weathered ash
wild mushroom swatch
wild mushroom
winter white swatch
winter white
woodland taupe swatch
woodland taupe

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